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Please Note our new Address:  3864  Swanson Ct. Gurnee, Il  60031   847-582-1730

We are the original Northshore Recycling Co. Founded in 2002




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Our Company

Millions of computers, printers, fax machines and other electronic equipment become obsolete each year. Disposing of this unwanted material can be problematic; the lead, mercury and other toxic substances found in these items make them unsuitable for disposal in local landfills.

Recycling is a responsible, effective way of disposing of unneeded, excess or obsolete equipment.    

Homeowners: Bring in your computers and other electronics for disposal.

Businesses: We offer computer asset management programs for Corporations. Enjoy a return on your computer investments in our resale programs, or enjoy peace of mind with our harddrive destruction services. Our company truck is available for pickup services, or we can arrange pickup on larger loads.

Municipalities: Contact us to coordinate your community electronic recycling days.

Midwest Computer Recycling, Inc. will place usable equipment in schools or other non-profit organizations at your request.

What We Do

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified most electronic scrap as hazardous waste. This "e-waste" is a growing global problem; in the US alone, it is reported that over 30 million PCs are scrapped each year. Improper disposal of this waste would add dangerous amounts of heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and toxic chemicals such as polybrominated flame retardants to our country's landfills.  

MCRI specializes in the proper disposal of obsolete/excess computer and electronic equipment, such as mainframes, circuitboards, CPUs, and telecommunication and electrical equipment, including stereos, VCRs, DVDs and telephones.

Material salvage  is  a major part of the environmental industry. We can separate and collect the recyclable materials contained in all components of obsolete electronic equipment. Every part, when possible, is recycled.


           MCRI specializes in the recycling and/or disposal of computer and electronic scrap. MCRI complies with all federal, state and local recycling regulations.  

           MCRI pledges to make every effort to keep hazardous computer and electronic waste out of America’s landfills.  

           MCRI IS FAMILY FRIENDLY -  MCRI maintains regular drop off hours at our facility.  

           MCRI will arrange pickup from your loading dock. 

           MCRI will dispose of or recycle your equipment in compliance with all state and federal environmental regulations. At your request, MCRI will use WipeDrive PRO, a US government approved program,  to erase all data from

           your hard disks. (HIPAA compliant.)

          MCRI will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction if desired. Each piece of equipment can be tracked as it is disassembled,  remarketed, or destroyed. 

          MCRI can sell equipment that still retains value, and provide you with a share of the profits. We remove all data, labels and identifying marks that might identify your company from items we resell. 

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Contact Information

        847-582-1734 fax
Postal address
3864 Swanson Ct. Gurnee. IL  60031
        Drop off  HOURS: 8AM to 3PM Monday through Friday
8AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday
Electronic mail
General Information: sales@midwestcomputerrecycling.net




Send mail to sales@midwestcomputerrecycling.net with questions about this web site.



Send mail to sales@midwestcomputerrecycling.net with questions about this web site.